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Hey non nonny, nonny, hey nonny

21 November
I dance, I teach dance, I read, and I write (but only one of those serviceably well). I was born in Amishland and will probably die in Amishland. I tend to ramble a lot and not act my age (whatever that may be). I obsess over trivial things and ignore the important stuff. I have no real goal in life, but I do try and have a lot of fun.

I am currently struggling to rewrite and edit the first in a two-volume story, the trials and tribulations of which can be found over at daughtersofmen. It is friends only. Add and/or comment to be added back.

I also procrastinate... er... I mean, wisely spend my free time making icons of things I enjoy, most of which can be found lurking around my own journal or at icon_crush.

A few of my entries here are filtered or friends-locked, mostly the ones that contain larger bits of writing or more private rantings. If you'd like to be added - or if you're just feeling masochistic - leave a comment on one of the public entries and I'll fling you aboard.

It is said that the Devil has the best tunes.
This is broadly true. But heaven has the best choreographers.
- Good Omens

Stylesheet by refuted